“Stop Blocking Us On Your Boyfriend’s Phone, His PEN!S Is Not For Only You” – 3 SLAYQUEENS Send WARNING To Other Girls [Video]

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In a new video that’s trending on Social media, 3 young Slay Queens are seen spewing nonsense and we are here wondering if they have relatives at all.

In the video, the girls ask other girls why they block them (side chicks) on their boyfriend’s phones when the person they are dating was not only created to date just them.

One of the girls asked if their (referring to the main chicks) names were written on the d!ck of their boyfriend when they were born to suggest that, they were born to only f**ck them.

These girls, who are prolly below 19 years, without shame asked other girls to stopped blocking them on the phones of their boyfriends because they also have a right to chop their boyfriends.

“Those of you ladies who have been blocking us on the phones of your boyfriends, if we may ask, when his mother gave birth to him, did she write your name on his p*nis, or did they say, his p*nis was made just for only you to f*ck? Sharing is caring, allow us to also chop your boyfriends some”

Watch the video below;


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