WTheHeckkkk! See The New Method Scammers Are Using To Make MILLIONS OF NAIRA With Baba Sala’s Death

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The family of the late Moses Adejumo, popularly known as Baba Sala, has alerted members of the public on the plot by some scammers to rip them off using Baba Sala’s death as an excuse that the family needs financial assistance.

The eldest son of the comedian, Rev’d Bamidele Adejumo, who spoke with The Punch in an interview on Tuesday, said the family had not opened any account for the funeral of his father contrary to the claims of some fraudsters.

Bamidele, who is a cleric at the Love of Christ Chapel International Ministry in Lagos, said the family was embarrassed that some persons had opened a fake account and soliciting funds from unsuspecting members of the public.

How Baba Sala died – Son talks on icon’s demise after taking supper

He, however, warned members of the public against paying into this account, saying anybody who wanted to donate funds to the family should come to Ilesa where the family of the late comedian resided.

Bamidele said:

“We have not opened any PayPal account or any online account. The claim is false information. The family has not asked for anything from anybody. We have not met and nobody is soliciting anything from anybody yet. If we will be expecting anything from any fans, admirers or anybody at all, it will be freewill donation.

“We have not opened any PayPal site or any intent account for people to donate to. Anybody who wants to donate anything to the family should please come to the family in Ilesa. Such people can come with pressmen and take photographs to document it.

“They should have standard record and avoid fraudsters. They should avoid fraudsters, who are posing as members of the family.”

Also, in a Facebook post by one of Adejumo’s sons, Emmanuel, he called on the public to ignore the plea, saying that the family knew nothing about it.

Nigerian comedian Baba Sala, dies at 81

In the Facebook post shared by one Comedian Sala Baba Olajide, donors were referred to a paypal link where they would make their donations.

The posts said:

“Please support us with donations @ http://www.paypal.me/victola #BABASALA…”

While reacting to the call for donation to support the family, Emmanuel said:

“It has come to the knowledge of the Adejumo family that someone has posted that the family needs assistance, therefore, people should be donating into a PayPal account. This is a scam ooooo, big scam. Please kindly ignore this, it’s not from the family. Please do not honour it.”

Baba Sala, 82, died in his sleep on Sunday night after taking his supper. The family said his youngest wife, Funmilayo, had gone to his bedroom to check on him when he discovered that he had died.


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