AAUA Students’ Union President Lands In Hot Soup… Accused Of Selling the Union Shuttle…. To Face Legal Actions [See Legal Document]

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AAUASU President, Temitope Eyinla PKA Boubow has been accused of Selling a Shuttle bus Acquired by former SU President “Sue The Bastard” and also squandering the Funds without the approval of the Students Representative Council.

In a statement of Claim Signed by the Caucus Leader, Faculty of Law, Ayowole Adetona, claimed that the Boubow failed to Obtain the Approval of the SRC before selling the Shuttle.

Adetona claimed that the Shuttle was Sold for a whooping sum of N200,000.

He also stated that the President claimed to have paid the sum of N30,000 to the driver of the said Bus in Settlement of a loan alleged to have incurred on the Bus.

Adetona also Told Basehitz Media that Boubow has been exhibiting a lot of fraudulent Acts in the past without any Penalty, but this won’t be spared this time.

See Document Below;

We contacted Boubow, and he already Told us his own Version of the story, We’ll Update you guys ASAP.


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