Nigerians React As Atiku Abubakar Wins PDP Presidential Primary

Many Nigerian have taken to social media to react to the news of former vice president, Atiku Abubakar emerging as the presidential candidate of the PDP.

See what Nigerians are saying below;

@TemidayoOluwal2 – Dear OBJ….please be a true democrat and give a call to your boy @atiku . Don’t forget to support him too

@alex2j2 – Now we have a detribalize Northerner in @atiku that his presidency will favour everyone in every nook and cranny of the country. No more lopsided appointment or 95% to 5% ratio.

@MBuhari just pack and go. It’s over!

@Marky210 – I really don’t see any difference between PDP and APC. Rescuing Nigeria falls on the hands of reputable individuals, and for all that it’s worth, @atiku is one of those individuals. Congratulations baba.

@KanuXVI – I challenge @Mbuhari to a debate with @atiku . We want to hear realistic plans that will drive our economy. Oya na, let’s have this!!!! Man on Man debate.

@iam_shinayomi – The difference is clear and for those of u against @MBuhari bcos he is old and a Fulani Muslim, it time to vote for @atiku who is a young man at 72, another Fulani Muslim… Who is married to a Christian

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