See What This Young Man Did While Posing With France President, Macron (Photos)

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A picture of a young man giving the middle finger while posing with French president, Emmanuel Macron, has got people talking and the reason is obvious.

Emmanuel Macron was seen embracing the residents on Saint Martin on Saturday after he visited the Caribbean one year after hurricanes devastated the French West Indies.

The French president walked for five hours, sometimes through the rain, as he spoke to local people about the impact of the deadly storm on the island, which is still far from repairing all the devastation.

Mr Macron was fulfilling a pledge to return to Saint Martin one year after making his first trip in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Some families on Saint Martin, where the hurricane killed 15 people before continuing on its deadly path towards Cuba and Florida, are still living with no more than tarpaulins over their roofs as a new storm season gets underway.

In the two weeks after Irma, Hurricanes Jose and Maria poured rain onto the damaged roof and inundated the rooms below. The island remains dotted with half-built homes and roofs still covered in tarpaulins, corrugated sheets and canvas.


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