After Been Called An IRRESPONSIBLE FATHER… WIZKID Spends Quality Time With His Third Son, ZION!!! [Photos]

Nigerian music star, Ayo Balogun better known as Wizkid, has gradually evolved from being just a household name in Nigeria to becoming an international star.

In recent times, the talented artiste has enjoyed the number one spot in the country; he has also garnered several more fans.

However, the singer seems not to be a star to two of his baby mama’s, Binta Diallo and Sola Ogudu. The two ladies have severally accused Wizkid of not being a responsible father to his sons.

They have both revealed that he hasn’t seen his children in a while and that he sends no money for child support either. Perhaps, to react to the news making the rounds, and also to dispel the rumours, the Ojuelegba singer took to his Instagram page to share videos of him spending time with his third son, Zion.

Zion is mothered by Wizkid’s third baby mama, Jada, who also doubles as his manager. There seems to be no complains coming from Jada’s end, and her son seems to be well taken care of.

According to reports, Wizkid tweeted that God should save him from hungry ones, a tweet he later deleted. His tweet was most likely a jab directed at his two other baby mamas.

Sola Ogudu, the mother of his first son was moved to react after Wizkid tweeted that he wanted to build schools so as to empower kids. Sola reacted that he should first take care of his kids before wanting to build schools for others. Wizkid later deleted the tweet.

Binta, the mother of his second son, also is fond of taking to social media to explain that Wizkid is a deadbeat father, not minding the criticisms she has been getting for doing that.


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