ODHA 2019; Why I Remain The Best For Akoko North West Const 2; Hon Ameen Lukuman Gives Reasons … [Read Full Interview]

Popular Aspirant For the seat of Akoko North West Const 2 Under the Platform of the APC, Hon Ameen Lukuman has given reasons why he’s the best among other contenders to Represent Akoko North Constituents in Ondo State’s House of Assembly.

Hon Ameen Lukuman who stated that he was moved to contest after the constituents approached him and Pleaded with him to Come represent them at the State House of Assembly.

Read Full Interview Below;

Can we get to meet you

I am Ameen Lukuman Omoniyiade
I was born and bread at ogbagi akoko here in Akoko north west local govt in early 80s
I attended Aud primary school ogbagi,
Ahmadiyya Grammar school ogbagi
I moved to Federal polytechnic Ado ekiti for my higher education where I bagged HND in statatistics with upper credit in 2007
I attended Adekunle Ajasin university Akungba for a PGD financial management
Joseph Ayo Babalola university for a Bsc in Economics

What brought about your ambition? Why do you want to Represent Akoko North West Constituents in ODHA?

Thank you my brother
As a young guy who has lived all his lifetime within the proximity of Akoko
I know the problem confronting my people and all the previous representative of d constituency has failed in their responsibility
I was moved by d various calls by our constituent to have a vibrant representation at the floor of the ODHA
When you look at the infrastructure level of our constituency, one will start crying
For instance, road network in our constituency, ogbagi-ese-afin road
Irun-ese road
Afin to okeagbe
You will be thinking as if we are not part of the state
But I found out that most of our previous representatives failed in their duty to lobby d executive on this mentioned infrastructure
Come to electricity and water provisions
We are not on d rader
On this note I was moved that I have d capacity to give our constituency a quality representation come 2019 and ensure that my constituency get her own fair shares of the executive projects within my 4 years tenure
I have been helping my people in terms of water supplies during dry season.
So I know d problems confronting my people.

Youths are getting more involved in politics lately, what would you describe as the best mindset they need to impact their state and country positively when they eventually get to leadership positions?

Youth should be focused and have d mindset that the future of this country is in their hand and they must ensure that they don’t follow the path of bad leaders
Youth must be seen as d best thing to happen to this country in terms of leadership style and they must be seen as a role models to d incoming generation
The aged and other constituent has their own package

Talking about this sir, Permit me to ask;
Do you have projects you intend to launch or still working on for the benefits of the youth, entrepreneurs and your constituents at large?

As a youth
My immediate constituent is d youth
Leaving the Aged and others Behind?
I want to have d following as my cardinal program during my four years tenure
Youth ,women and constituency empowerment

I have it in mind to be giving out 5000 to 10 elders per quarters in d constituency
I will Also embark on scholarship and distribution of educational materials to some selected schools in the constituency
Agricultural development will also be focused
I will ensure that farmers will be taken along in our programs
Improved seedlings and tractor will be provided for our farmers
Annual competition for your farmer’s will be done and this will be anchor in conjunction with the agricultural ministry and other relevant agency where d winners will be handsomely rewarded
Very well sir.

Another question for you Mr Lukuman,
We understand that human beings are the most difficult to manage, what are the strategies you intend to deploy in order to manage people within your constituency?

As a relationship manager and business owners
I have the opportunity to work in an organization where I do manage thousands of customers inquiries on various issues to their satisfaction
Also as a business owners who is supervising over 30 employees
As former students leader I believe the most complex set of people to managed is the student and if I can successfully .managed their affairs both at the L.G level and departmental
I will also be successful in managing my constituency very well
One of the strategies is to be conveying quarterly constituency meeting where all issues affecting us will be discussed and solutions provided on regular basis

But you do know that those you’ll be representing are larger than this number….

In statistics will do refers to a sample as a subset of a unit
When u have random sample of 30 in a population of 1000
That can be used to represent a whole population because the way you treat a fraction is d way u will treat the whole population
For instance if I can be managing customers both the cool and temperament ones in my organization my constituency which comprises of 4 big towns will not be exception.

Mr Lukuman, Leadership they say is tasking, what is the most challenging situation you have ever faced as a leader? How did you handle it?

To organise people is most challenging task
During my student days
D most difficult this then was to organized all akoko students in federal polytechnic under same umbrella of NACAS and akoko north west students in federal polytechnic Ado then but I can give glory to God
I was able to organized them and registered the association with the school authority
Today national association of akoko north west students and National congress of Akoko students is duly registered and recognized at Federal polytechnic
Why do you think you’re the best aspirant among others
In terms of educational qualification , am the most qualified because I acquired all relevant education at polytechnic, private university and public universities at under graduate and postgraduate levels. Experience wise, I have over 10 years experience in public sectors and private organization. provisions of employment opportunity and contributions to community development, I have been contributing my quotas in reducing unemployment rate and payment of Levy’s to the government which recognised my town as one of the towns in the local government where substantial revenue is been realized.
Unlike others who have not been to any office let alone contributed to d development of the town
I believe if our constituency should xray others well they will resolve to adopt me without any vote cast because they know with caliber of a person like me their interest will be protected
You can visit each wards of our constituency to inquire more about Omoscoray

Thank you for your time sir
Any other information you would like to add or share as we round up the interview session?

Their response will give you a comfort that I am the best fit for the post.

Thank you sir, We do Hope to hear from in times to come.

Thank you for having me
I wish to appeal to delegates to compare and contrast the aspirants under our party before handing over their mandates

All the Very Best Mr Lukuman.


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