Ade Adeogun Deserves The Mandate At The HOUSE OF REPS PRIMARIES Come 27TH September; Oluwapelumi Aduragbemi Writes….. [Read Full Text]

_”The vibrancy of a leader is determined by his altruistic attitude towards the development of his own people at the expense of his own interests”_ – Ol. Taiwo.

It is visible to the deaf and audible to the blind that Hon. Ade Adeogun has proved to be someone who always has the development of his people as his foremost agenda even before he felt the urge of going to serve his people.

Ade Adeogun is an household name in Akoko South-West/ South-East Federal Constituency as he has been of benefit to numerous sons and daughters of Akoko within and beyond. Below are some of the antecedents of the philanthropist.
Firstly, Ade Adeogun Foundation was established by the young man to help improve and assist people financially as well as support them thus helping to alleviate poverty within the Akoko Axis.

Ade Adeogun has also been of immense help to the majority of the youths in Akokoland and many can attest to this as he provided scholarship to many who find it hard to cope financially in their various schools and a major example is the payment of school fees of numerous Akoko students of Adekunle Ajasin University [myself inclusive]due to the current increment of the tuition fees.This definitely is an evidence that Ade Adeogun is a man who cares for the people and will always be there to ensure their wellbeing.

Ade Adeogun was also instrumental in ensuring that power supply is made available to communities which have been denied of power supply for years.
Ade Adeogun is a famous name in Akokoland as he has paid his dues by his philanthropic acts and selflessness to the cause of moving Akoko and its people forward.

For these and other feats,it would be advisable for delegates as well as other party members to create a synergy to bring in a man who wants to give back to the society as well as serve his people.
This is the time for Akoko South-West/ South-East Federal Constituency to have a taste of Good leadership which will in turn usher in development.

Bring on Ade Adeogun as he is poised on making Akokoland great again. He is the man to make things right. We now have the chance to make the Akoko of our dreams by giving Ade Adeogun, a vibrant man, a chance come 27th of September.


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