EXCLUSIVE! The Internet Claims Obama’s Wife Was FLIRTING… With George Bush… And We’ve Got RECEIPTS!!!

Michelle Obama and George Bushwere seen “flirting” with each other yesterday, according to folks online. The first lady and former president were caught on camera, having an INTIMATE MOMENT during Senator John McCain’s funeral. And some on the internet believe that there may have been MORE than friendship on their mind.

At one point during Sen. Joe Lieberman’s eulogy, CNN’s camera cut across to Bush handing Michelle a piece of candy, which was given to him by Laura. President Bush tried to do it stealthily doing the classic no-eye-contact-while-I-pass-to-you move, but the seconds-long moment instantly caught the attention of the Internet.

As the below video shows, the two were smiling and giggling with each other. In the same video, George’s wife Laura looks a little bit TIGHT over the way her husband is acting.

Similarly Barack can be seen watching Michelle through the corner of his eye.

Some on-line are saying that this moment between Michelle and George constitutes “flirting.”

But others see their interaction as just friendliness between repeated colleagues:

This is hardly the first public display of friendship between the two. In Sept. 2016, the two shared a hug at the National Museum of African American History and Culture opening in Washington, D.C. and the reaction was just as similar.


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