September: Ade Adeogun Says Akoko Will Have No Path With Negativity Anymore [Read Full Text]

It was just like yesterday when we ushered in the new year with fanfare. Our hopes were high and we did set some targets in the form of resolutions. With great energy and strong feelings of commitment, we envisaged a better life in 2018. Some are still incubating their ideas, some have achieved much while some lost the needed oxygen to pull and push through. Whichever level we might have found ourselves, one thing is clear which is the benevolence of God to have gifted us an opportunity to be alive. After all, only the living can access the blessings of God. Who doesn’t know that a living dog is far better than a dead lion?

This is September which ushers in the dreaded last months of the year. The myths of horror, death and calamities surrounding the ’ember’ months are illusional. It’s a creation of our minds and it has nothing to do with the beautiful designs of God. No month of the year carries more evil than the other. It will be in our interest to discourage and discontinue the banal insinuations of horrors that are associated with the ’ember’ months so that we can flourish in the manifold radiance of peace bequeathed us by a great God. As a man thinketh, so he is.

September is the month of delivery. That’s to say that it’s not over with us. We can still wow the world with our beautiful plans. We can still achieve greatness before the end of the year. We can still make it happen in Akoko land. There are endless possibilities available to us if we just do not give up on our goals. Yes, we can still move mountains in September. Our travails and toiling will yield bountifully if we are not weary. All things are still very possible if we believe and work hard.

Without real friends, a millionaire may be poor. We thank our teeming supporters for standing firm with us in spite of the enormous shifting currents that could have swayed and swept them away. It’s a great privilege to attract genuine people on this rescue mission. We have been blessed to have worked with passionate people from Akoko in our bid to finding a lasting solution to the myriads of problems bedeviling us in Akoko land. In the same vein, we thank the people for the towering acceptance of stewardship everywhere we went in the course of engaging our people. We are moved that you were discerning enough to sense our honest intentions to salvage our land from its ruinous state. We consider this as a fillip to do more and we won’t lose our gaze at anytime.

September, for us is a crucial month where we strongly believe that our intimidating acceptance will translate to victory for the people of Akoko South West and East federal constituency. We trust in God alone and we are not moved by the actions of those who trust in chariots and horses. With God and the real people, Akoko land will be safe. We will have plenty to eat and share. Our barns will be filled when the locusts and caterpillars would have been adequately taken care of by God of harvest. Again, our people will rejoice.

We must reiterate that it’s needless to start a frantic race of meeting up with all our plans before the end of the year at all costs. We must take it easy on our roads lest we bring gloom to our land as a result of our calculated worries. At Ade Adeogun Foundation, we wish the good people of Akoko a September free from all kinds of negativity. We will swim in the pool of abundance. As we go in the new month, we should be reminded that the beautiful brand, Ade Adeogun will always do everything legitimately possible to rebuild our fallen walls in Akoko. If we really care to get out of the woods, Ade Adeogun is a man to represent us come 2019 at the Green chambers of the National Assembly. He will never fail us because he’s not going there to augment a failed life. God has blessed his toiling and he’s not ungrateful. Happy new month Akoko. Let’s deliver in September. Ade Adeogun is a beautiful brand. Keep hope alive.

Credit; Abide Sunday Olugbenga


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