SHAMELESS POLITICIANS!! Throwback To When SARAKI Called Goodluck Jonathan A Coward And A Corrupt Man… Now They Are Best Of Friends

Its so funny how a sworn enemy in Nigeria Political circles suddenly becomes a saint and ally overnight just in a bid to gain one thing or the other.

In not too long ago, Senate President Bukola Saraki sent missiles of words towards the camp of former President, Goodluck Jonathan. He called him the man that allowed corruption to thrive for 6 years in his ill fated administration and also he also said that GEJ was a man that wasn’t ready or probably did not have what it takes to be a President.

Speaking at a book launch in Abuja last year, Saraki said the former president was very laidback in the fight against corruption, particularly in the oil sector. He gave an instance of when he met with the former president to discuss the fuel subsidy scam and the unexpected reaction he got from Jonathan.

Speaking at the event, Saraki said;

“I think it is us Nigerians that produce the kind of leaders we get, he was not someone that was prepared for leadership. Yes, by misfortune or fortune I keep on saying, we all know the right things but we don’t do it. We find ourselves sometimes blaming individuals, blaming others than ourselves. I like to share one or two things that will probably summarize the former President Jonathan.

“I remember when I was then Senator and I came across this issue of fuel subsidy and the way the country was losing close to about N1.3 trillion. In the history of this country, I don’t think of any singular kind of level of corruption as huge as that. I had a motion already I wanted to present on the floor of the Senate. I felt as a member of the ruling party at that time, it was only proper I discussed it with the President (first), maybe some action could be taken so that I would step down the motion. I booked an appointment to see Mr. President. I went with my paper. I started with the background of how people bring in petroleum products. I said ‘Mr. President, in the past people used to get award letters from NNPC to bring in PMS, DPK, and make 10, 20 per cent profit.

“I said Sir, they’ve taken it to another level now. They get an order to bring in products, they don’t want to make 10, 20 per cent anymore. They will get an offer to bring in a cargo of 20,000 litres; they will bring in 5,000 to be stamped for 20,000 and instead of making 10 per cent, they make ten times the amount. I was telling the President, thinking the President would get very agitated. (But) He said: ‘Senator Saraki, you know this oil business is very oily. I was stunned and taken aback! But in a way, that was Jonathan. In a sad way, that was who he is”

However, Just yesterday, it was all smiles between a certain Saraki and his new found love from Otuoke. That shows how a witless today can turn to Superman overnight in Nigeria Political scene.

We really hope that at the end of the day, its going to be a ploy to better the condition of the poor masses and not another plan to enrich their already enriched purses.


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