Everyone Can Now Get Verified On Instagram (See How With Screenshots)

The blue badge is reserved for celebrities, public figures, global brands, or entities representing the brand. You must be big or popular enough to get verified, but Instagram is now rolling out a feature that will let all Instagram users to request for their accounts to verified.

A “verified account” is one that has that unique blue checkmark next to the user’s profile, signifying that Instagram has certified the account as the genuine handle of a public figure or, at least a figure “popular” enough to have a bunch of followers on Instagram.

Before now, there has been no clear process for getting that small but cherished blue checkmark. And because a lot of people wants the verification so bad, coupled with the lack of transparency about how to get verification.

It has led to the emergence of an Instagram verification badge black market where people pay thousands of dollars just to get verified and respected on Instagram.

How to request for Instagram verification.

Go to your profile and click on the three lines button in the top right corner >> settings >> >> Request verification

Fill out the form and upload your ID card. Your voter’s card, National ID card International passport, driver’s licence or any government issued ID card with your photo will work fine. Please note that It must show your name and date of birth.

After filling out the form, submit it and wait for Instagram to review your request, and look for a notification in your notifications tab. Instagram will deliver a notification verdict — confirm or deny — via a notification. Just because you requested for verification doesn’t mean you will get verified.

Note: if this doesn’t appear for you yet, be patient! Instagram is rolling it out worldwide, so it might take a bit for you to get the feature. You can also try updating your app.


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