Fight Against Corruption; Dr Nat Adojutelegan Shares His own Opinion [Read Here]

An Aspirant for the Seat of Ondo North Senatorial District Under the Platform of the APC, Dr Nat Adojutelegan, has shared his own Opinion on The Fight Against Corruption.

The Arigidi Born Icon, While Responding to Basehitz Media said;

Undoubtedly, President Buhari’s administration has fought and reduced corruption to an unprecedented level, and rightly so, the president’s commitments and efforts have had the desired international recognition.

However, the panacea for corruption in Nigeria is not limited to curbing the stealing of public funds. It is contiguous to requisite structural and constitutional changes. The proposed changes must include, most importantly, practical checks and balances between the executive, legislative and judiciary. This will create an environment where the EFCC and the police will be practically distinct and independent. A society where the police will be able to arrest and prosecute, for example, president’s wife or children, governor’s wife or children, senator, MHR, minister, commissioner, MHA or any other “big man”, “big woman” and “VIP”for any legal infringements without interference from any governmental organ or adverse consequences to their positions as police officers.

Equally, there must be a balancing mechanism to ensure that alleged abuses or gross misdemeanours by the police are checked and dealt with promptly by the judiciary or an independent judicial body in a transparent process. In the corollary, corruption as exhibited today in our country will be a thing of the past.

Nat Adojutelegan, PhD


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