Akungba Day Festival; Adebiyi Mayowa Akinwale [Angelmayor] Felicitates With The Entire Community

Adebiyi Mayowa Akinwale (Angelmayor)

Festival is one of the cultural concepts the world has come to live with; a phenomenon which cut across borders, races, colours and ethnics. The concept of festival is directly dependent on the people, who cohabits same territory with a shared lived experience, and sometimes with a common goal.

In Africa, festival is a very significant part of the people’s culture. It ranges from different facets of life such as religion, occupation, season, among others. However different it might manifest in the daily lives of Africans, the purpose is similar and the target is often the same – promoting unity, integration and communal harmony. The Akungba Day annual ritual finds a vital place among the African culture of Yam Festival. Usually, it is the beginning of a new harvest season where all and sundry gathered to share bounties, experiences, folklores in celebration of prosperity and life through agriculture and entertainment.

The season offers everyone whose ancestry is traceable to Akungba-Akoko an opportunity to unite, reunite and reexamine their common existence as a people. As you all come together to celebrate this festive year 2018, I hope that the beautiful things of the season shall reign with you forever.

Akun ma wo nu!

Ero, Ero O!


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