Akoko South House Of Rep; We are solidly behind you, Our prayers will work for you….. Aged Woman Prays For This Popular Candidate [See Here]

“We are solidly behind you. Our prayers will work for you. We will never stop supporting you. I know events and time will favour you. Keep being who you are. You have affected us greatly and we are glad”

The Prayers of a passionate woman at Iwaro Oka today as she held the beautiful brand, Ade Adeogun. What more can we ask for? Like a man who desires money on his voyage but stumbles on honour, he needs to make a detour immediately. Who doesn’t know that he intends to buy honour with the money he desires?

Ade Adeogun is grateful. We cannot explain our ineffable joy. It feels great to be honored by you all. We treasure the goodwill with all humility and we promise to do more for humanity. Nothing would give us more joy than to see our people leap for joy while we fulfill our promises. It will soon be morning when all tears will be wiped off. Just keep hope alive. Ade Adeogun will keep his promises. Thank you Iwaro Oka for turning a very private visit to a funfair.

Credit; Abire Sunday Olugbenga


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