Ade Adeogun Foundation Felicitates With The People Of OKADO, AKUNGBA And IPE AKOKO.

It’s a divine promise that planting time and harvest time shall not cease. We as progressive minded people decided to take the bull by the horns some months ago as we launched ourselves into the deep forest in search of food. We weren’t banking on luck. We tilled the ground and left the increase to the God of harvest. It sunned and rained while our plants grew. Now, we have a reward for not being indolent.

We must first thank God for our lives. Not all who had the privilege to plant got the grace to harvest in due time like us. We have been blessed by the benevolent God to witness yet another year of harvest today. It’s something that calls for elaborate celebration while we appreciate God who has made it a possibility.

As I have always said, we aren’t celebrating anything else than our togetherness today. We are celebrating the bond of love in fruitfulness. We are celebrating the gains of our toiling without unnecessary bad blood.. Like never before, we move freely to share in our joy. Unlike a people plagued by hunger, we move to eat under the roofs of another in love. After all, if a man goes to his neighbor’s house to see the new moon, he does so in love because the moon will always shine on every roof. This was the exact picture the late Achebe painted in his ‘Things fall Apart’

Today, I bring us to the consciousness of our missing rib in Akoko. We lack love and we must do all within our power to pursue it. Akoko is too backward to entertain disunity of any kind. Our communities are poor and we cannot grow if hatred fills the land. I reckon that no society in dire need of succor as Akoko will harbour disunity. We must on this day realign ourselves with the realities before us. It’s the fact that our people are poor. It’s the fact that our children are stagnant. It’s the fact that there is a great difference between us and other serious nations in Nigeria.

Let it be known that nobody can help us unless we help ourselves. It’s time to put our rifts behind. It’s time to look for similarities rather than differences. It’s time to fight less except fighting the scourges that have hounded us for years. We can disagree respectfully on anything but we must not cross the line. We join to send our hearty Cheers to the good people of Okado, Akungba and Ipe Akoko on this day of celebration. As an incurable optimist, I believe Akoko will be better but only when we find our missing rib. May we always have reasons to celebrate in Akoko land. Happy new yam festival.


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