Tragedy Averted As A Tanker Does This On Ekiti Road [See Photos]

Tragedy was on a Saturday averted at a fuel station in Ekiti state, after a petrol tanker spilled some its content on the road moments after offloading at the station.

The incident occurred while the tanker was pulling out of the filling station, spilling the remnant of its contents in the process.

Men of the state fire service saved the situation as they swung into action, preventing a fire outbreak around the tanker or at locations where the split remnant of its content flowed to, via the drainage.

Governor Ayodele Fayose, on a visit to the scene, warned business owners to comply with standards and safety measures while going about their businesses.

“They need to put the interest of the state and the people first. Today, many lives would have been lost because this is a tanker containing PMS.

“In doing business, especially businesses with this kind of sensitivity, like the oil and gas, they have to keep to standard and measures for the safety of our people,” he said.

Recall that some weeks ago, a tanker explosion was recorded on the Otedola Bridge in Lagos claiming no fewer than nine lives and tens of vehicles.


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