Too Much; SARS officers reportedly assault man demanding for his salary in Lagos [Read details]

A Nigerian man and also a lawyer Olakunle Karimu, was reportedly assaulted by some SARS operatives, allegedly on the orders of his boss who is also a lawyer.

According to information gathered, the incident happened in the law firm of one Oluyomi Olawore on Friday, 29th of June, 2018, in Lagos.

It was gathered that Karimu had tendered his resignation letter to Olawore in May, 2018, after working there for almost a year, but he begged him to work till June, so as put the new lawyer who would take over from him, through. .

He obliged, but midway through June, Olawore allegedly told him to stop work, that his services were no longer needed. Karimu was said to have asked for his pay based on what he had done so far.

The boss gave him a post-dated cheque which would become payable at the end of June. On the due date, Karimu allegedly went to the bank but they refused to pay him because the cheque was not properly signed.

He went back to Olawore but he refused to sign the cheque, claiming that he had no business with him anymore. Karimu insisted that the cheque was useless to him without the proper signature and refused to leave the office.

The boss then asked some of his staff to go to Kam Salem Police Station at Obalende, to get police officers, on the ground that Karimu was holding him hostage in his office. The police officers came and assaulted the young lawyer right in the office of his boss.


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