Confirmed; This New Picture of Simi Shows she’s Actually Pregnant [See Photo]

Naija singer, Simi, who was spotted kissing his alleged bae, Adekunle Gold right on stage during his June 29th event at O2 Arena, has sparked pregnancy rumors, as she took to IG to share a “no makeup” photo of herself in a flare gown.

This, however, wouldn’t be the first time Simi is sparking pregnancy rumors. But there seems to be something unusual about this particular one, as there was no obvious intention to flaunt her beauty or attire. She wore a flare gown that’s known to be worn by pregnant ladies in a bid not to make their baby bumps very obvious. Also, she had no makeup.

As expected, fans went to the comment area of the post to insinuate all sorts, supposing that Adekunle Gold may have done well in leaving his seed inside Simi. While some asked to know if she has taken in, others outrightly supposed that she has actually taken in, most likely for Adekunle Gold. However, the singer is yet to respond to the insinuations so far.

But then again, there is nothing really there if she is really pregnant. After all, there’s been other singers who had taken in and became baby mamas in the past, Lola Rae for instance. Anyway, time will really tell if she’s pregnant or not.


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