JUST IN: Explosion rocks rally, President narrowly escapes death

zimbabwe explosion 978584 - JUST IN: Explosion rocks rally, President narrowly escapes death

An explosion has rocked a stadium in Zimbabwe where the nation’s PresidentEmmerson Mnangagwa was addressing a rally on Saturday. Shock footage shows President Mnangagwa waving to supporters as the alleged bomb went off in the second city of Bulawayo.

The president’s spokesman, George Charamba, said the head of state was unhurt and taken to safety.

But senior officials are thought to be among those hurt, according to local media.

The explosion was close to the VIP tent.

Mr Charamba said there had been “multiple” attempts to the president’s life and an investigation has been launched.

He said: “There has been an incident at Bulawayo (White City Stadium) where the president was addressing a rally. This is now a police issue but the president is safe at Bulawayo State House.

“We are still to get information on what exactly happened as we understand that some people could have been injured as this happened in the VIP tent.

“There have been multiple attempts on the president’s life over the past five years.”

Mr Charamba said the 75-year-old president, who was accompanied by his two deputies, was safe at a state house in the city.

President Mnangagwa came in to power in November, replacing ousted Robert Mugabe.

Vice-President Kembo Mohadi reportedly suffered leg injuries in the bomb blast,


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