JOLLY WEEKEND; Caption This to Win 5000 [Best 4 Captions Wins]

Caption this!

Best 4 Captions wins 5000 Each.

Comment Closes by 6:30pm.

Comment your answer below, along with Your name.




  1. P. A: oga dem say Na 5k I go win if my caption make sense
    amaechi: (shocked) are u telling me the truth???


  2. When ur friend that is brilliant than u suddenly tells u that the most feared course result has been released and he failed


  3. When you think your change isn’t hardship enough and you’re going for the second term and still say the youths are lazy……then your S.A who is also a youth came looking so furious to tell you how much sense he should get for you and you be looking like is my S.A mad??

    It’s just a caption thou


    • Why is your mouth stinking like soak away sir that’s why that girl was trying to to drift away when you were talking to her


  4. Oga, Did you forget to brush Today sir?
    why do you say so?
    Coz your mouth was smelling like soak away during your Speech sir


  5. Ameachi: my Broda are you sure you are going to win your incoming election ?

    Adeogun : My Oga sir it’s a done deal! my people are solidly behind me sir! infact I’m the Next Representative of my People in abuja.


  6. Ade Adeogun: my election is coming soon sir

    Rotimi Amaechi: No worry at all,we dey storm your election…. A win is a must


  7. Sir! Abeg come give me small OT wey you take won twice for portharcourt make I use win my own election.


  8. After several curses, and you’re about confess to your Neighbor that you’re responsible for his missing chicken.


  9. After several curses, and you’re about to confess to your Neighbor,that you’re responsible for his missing chicken πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  10. Boss- How far PA shey you see that girl with big backside over there, go help me collect her number
    PA- Boss your father-in law is here o and you know he is sensitive if he asks me what am doing with her what should I say?
    Boss-Tell him we are making her the new women representative in our party.


  11. Ameachi: what happened again? πŸ˜•
    P. A: Sir, you know its not quite long that your brother drop the hit rhymes Transmission Transmission,
    Ameachi: Yes… then what?😎
    P. A: And now your center head has stop growing hair sir, I think your village people are at work sir, so let do something quick before you loose your position… πŸ˜±πŸ˜°πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ™‡


  12. Adeogun : Sorry to disturb you sir
    Ameachi : Yes what is it, You can see that I’m in a meeting
    Adeogun : Inec Just Announced me as the winner
    Ameachi : You don’t mean it


  13. Amaechi : How far the money I asked you to infuse into the 2018 budget?

    P. A : Oga, all these senators don spoil market jor…


  14. Amaechi : Are you sure that Oshiomole is now the new party chairman?

    P.A: Sir that’s what we’re told.

    Amaechi : just pretend as if you like him. Okay?

    P. A: yes sir.


  15. Ameachi….. who is this girl ugly you’ve brought home?
    Adeogun….. sir, that’s Dangote’s Daughter
    Ameachi…… My friend go and tell to come and sit next to me


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