Happy Birthday Anniversary to Hon. Ade Adeogun


One of the greatest miracles that has happened to mankind is the birth of Ade Adeogun, a beautiful brand, a rare seed of joy and a giant. No doubt, his birth must have altered some rules. It will be safe to say he came miraculously whether we were sensitive to notice or not. Hence, it’s no sacrilege to liken his birth to that of some prophets who were sent by God to help mankind regain the lost peace with God. As it’s written, there is one glory of the sun and another of the moon. Even stars are different in glory. This tells us that all men aren’t born equal. Some were born great, others were made great. Ade Adeogun combines both. What a man!

Today, my pen is faintly timid to define the true personality of this man. How best do I describe the personality of a man who never finished primary school before he was catapulted to the grammar school? To describe a man who finished secondary school at 16 and got his first car at 19 even when he wasn’t born by millionaire parents will amount to exposing him to serious envy. I wish to keep the tempo while I try not to make others get jealous. I can’t possibly write all I know about him considering the quality time we have spent together. But I can say without any form of equivocation that Ade Adeogun is truly beautiful inside out. I have studied him like a book. I have inquisitively prodded him beyond normal. I can say that what I know is enough for this purpose.

I don’t know how Alhaji Gasali Adejoro Adeogun, alias Alhaji Oyenmo, his father, did it that eventful day he met his mother. I dare say God did compensate his efforts that day with a gift of a glorious son. One will be fine with such a lifetime favour from God and might not wish for more. Alhaji Oyenmo as fondly called by all has been satisfactorily blessed beyond whatever he might have asked for when he needed a child from God. What’s more when you asked for a child and God gave you a giant? I covet Alhaji’s anointing. It’s beyond what anyone can gainsay. It’s a miracle. A super blessing.

Ade Adeogun completes another calendar today and it’s imperative I tell you one or two things about this quintessential man of valour from the plains of Akoko. Uncle Ade is respectful. This is the first quality that drew me closer to him. It’s no news that most great men and women especially in this clime are proud. They treat others with unquantifiable disdain. Uncle Ade respects even those we call the least among us. If he could respect me, he can do same to anybody. He is intelligent and it might be nigh impossible to roll with him if you lack this quality. He is a moving train and there could never be a dull moment. In fact, I have tried to test him. I got gamed. I will probably celebrate my victory the day I find out what he doesn’t know. I know he doesn’t know some things but I am yet to find out. It’s part of the hallmark of intelligence never to show your frailties anyway. Perhaps, he will be kind to let me know those things I have taught him so that I could celebrate too. He reads voraciously and he is a soul you can count on when it comes to a depth of uncommon intelligence. I have practically engaged him on many issues. I would tactically retreat to gather enough brawns after he had exhausted the ones I brought to him. Ade Adeogun is jocular. This is one part you may not know unless you touch him deeply. We joke. We laugh.

Ade Adeogun is a strategist and a philanthropist. A thorough bred conversationist. He pays attention to the minutest issues. Everything is important in the communication process. He’s comfortable with being called a leader and I find his leadership interesting. Ade Adeogun will never lead without your consent. With him, you have views and your views can remain valid as long as you want. I have disagreed with him many times. Although, he will always try to make you see the light but he prefers you look for the light yourself.

Dear mentor, on a jocular note, I am yet to know why people don’t believe you are from Oba Akoko. Perhaps, you are too sophisticated to be one of us. I can’t forget my experience about two years ago at Rt. Hon. Victor Adekanye Olabimtan’s birthday party in Akure where you had to convince everyone that you are from Oba Akoko. Remember you had to convince the compere by speaking our dialect. I got a good laugh that day. Others did too. And you know why we laughed. I will need to publish a book on Oba dialect so we can pass it on to other generations for proper internalisation. I need that oyinbo-like anointing too. Baptize me into it. I have heard many times about the affirmation of your handsomeness.

One this historic day of your life, I wish to state categorically that the greatest gift I have gotten from you is the gift of your time. Thank you for those great books. They have shaped and sharpened me tremendously. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for your commitment to the people of Akoko as you have been impacting us positively. Thank you for your prayers. Majority don’t know you are a pastor and I have always told you how great your church would be if you own one. I may change from attending the Redeemed Christian Church of God when you finally agree with me. But I want to be the treasurer, not Judas though. You know I am shrewd and the church’s purse will be safe in the hand of a Marxist like me. I have been oiled by you. Your existence has blessed me. You are truly great in every ramifications. On those days when life seemed lifeless, you were the fillip I needed to bounce back to life. You provided the gumption to take on the almost impossible. With you, I have had comfort where none would have existed. Thank you for being a harbinger of good tidings. Thank you for being a friend of mine truly. Thank you for being a role model to us. You have seared in our heart that it’s possible for the children of the lowly to break even if the right steps are followed. I have always asked how you did it. I cherish the choices you have made. And I like your accent too.

As you celebrate today, be assured of God’s grace to complete everything your hands have started. Age may be an albatross to the carrier especially in this digital age but yours has been a blessing hitherto. You will soar unhindered. You shall be greatly honoured among men. You will never lack anything good in life. Your seeds shall be greater than you. And your life will continually be a blessing to us. Shine. Rejoice. Remain strong in the Lord. You are our pride. Continue to soar like an eagle. There are many land to take. There are many distances to cover. We haven’t started. Your hands have been helped by the hand of the almighty. You can’t fail. You won’t fail. You will never fail. Have a fabulous birthday sir. Cheers!

Credit; Abire Sunday


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