Ade Adeogun Foundation Fecilitates with Muslims on the successful Completion of Ramadan Fast

About a month ago, the arduous task of godly purification began. We welcomed the month of Ramadan which ushered in the mandatory fast for all Muslims. We denied ourselves of some pleasurable moments as we entered into intense purity exemplified by the prophets of Allah.

For about a month, we drew closer to God in prayers and fasting. We became conscious of the things God commanded us to do and not do. It became so difficultly easy for us to refrain from our usual habits that stood in opposition to God while we clung to the ways of our creator. Those who never observed their five times daily prayers literally slept in the mosque to fulfill all righteousness during Ramadan. What a month!

We must first thank God who made it possible for us to end this year’s Ramadan fast in bliss. We couldn’t have been so strong till the end without the benevolence of Allah who saw us through. Some of us became very disillusioned and confused as to how easy it would be to partake when we checked our purses but God did it miraculously. We can even testify of an abundance beyond what we could ever asked for. That’s how God works and He wants us to trust Him for such miracle at all times.

Ramadan is gone but the lessons it has taught us must remain with us forever. Naturally, our bodies resist the unchanging will of God. We must learn never to follow the dictates of our hearts lest we offend God always. We must subject our bodies to some trainings to allow us some self control, purity and grace. Rather than feed our bodies alone, our souls which belong to God must be fed too lest we lose our connectivity with God. This is one thing Ramadan has taught us.

We must also know that our body is the greatest enemy we have. It sleeps when we ought to pray. It’s weak and reluctant when we ought to do good. The human body is fickle and fake. It harbours evil even against itself. Just as we killed our body with some deliberate hunger during Ramadan in order to reduce its efficiency, we must continue to surrender it to such routine check so that we can please God always. We must know that moderation is key in order to live a life that pleases God. We must also know what it feels to allow the destitute die unattended to. If ordinary hunger could scuttle our effectiveness for some days, we should understand how the lowly live their lives in wanton hopelessness. What about the homeless and the sick?

Dear faithfuls, we gave alms during Ramadan in line with the teachings of the prophets of Allah and I charge us not to stop doing good even now that Ramadan is over. If doing good becomes an annual event, it means we have tried to con God and our intentions are as cruel as our supposed good works. Just as we did during Ramadan, we must continue to pray for our country and her leaders. We must show genuine love for mankind because love is a universal language. We must show unflinching faith in the invincible hand of God for a positive turnaround in our country. This will reduce apathy arising from our collective pessimism. We can change the world if only we first believe in our hearts. Above all, if it was possible to stay away from sins during Ramadan, it’s important to note that God has enabled us to live a sinless life.

At Ade Adeogun Foundation, we identify with our Muslim brethren who have surrendered themselves to serve God during Ramadan. We pray that almighty Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful will accept our worship and place us on the track of peace forever. From all of us at Ade Adeogun Foundation, we say Eid Mubarak to all Muslims. May Allah accept our Ibadah.

Credit; Abire Sunday Olugbenga


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