Scope; See What Eleka Was Caught Doing in Ekiti Yesterday

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Just less than 5weeks for the Ekiti state governorship July 14 election, the PDPaspirant Prof Olusola Eleka was spotted frying Akara at the road side in Ado Ekiti yesterday.

As this is the usual act the Governor of the state, Ayodele Fayose always do with the people of Ekiti (connecting with the masses). Olusola Eleka was also seen replicating same love to Ekiti people.

This was shared by the Publicity media aide to the current governor Lere Olayinka.

He wrote:

Humility at its peak as Ekiti State deputy governor Prof Kolapo Olusola serves his aides

••an account of Debola Akingbade

The deputy governor of Ekiti state Professor Kolapo Olusola this morning took leadership to the next level as he put on display rear and extreme level of humility

The PDP governorship candidate who’s known for his simplicity, humility and accessibility, this morning exhibited Christ-like attribute that wowed his aides and onlookers.

I don’t want to go into the bible this morning, but you all know how Jesus Christ washed the feet of his disciples. Let me give you the hint, John 13:13-17.

Prof Olusola and his entourage on their way to Oko-Aso, Oko Okondo and Aba Fulani in Ikere Ekiti, stopped briefly at Ile-Abiye junction, Ado Ekiti. Those of us in the convoy thought our Principal in his usual manner wanted to respond to cheers and give out cash.

What we all thought he wanted to do was different from what he did. He alighted from his SUV, went straight to an Akara vendor and requested he take charge of the Frying pan.

In a jiffy, his political and official aides surrounded him. He smiled and asked if they care to eat Bread and Akara, the answer was positively chorused, he thereafter served each and everyone of us to satisfaction.

This is a leader I want. This is the Governor we want in Ekiti, a leader, not a boss.

Rare Gem!
Rare personality
Very rare leader.
Like Father like son..
Like Oshoko like his Aremo.



2 Replies to “Scope; See What Eleka Was Caught Doing in Ekiti Yesterday”

  1. Eleka u r already d next governor of Ekiti state don’t fear just put ur mind at rest,it has already be done says d lord of host,so shall it be in Jesus name.

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