Man Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison For Sending 7,648 Messages To Ex-Wife

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A 33-year-old man who sent his ex-wife 7,648 text messages within about six weeks has been sentenced to six months in prison by a court in Austria.

According to Premium Times, quoting APA, the accused, a Romanian national, had separated from his former spouse earlier this year after six years of marriage.

He was charged with making dangerous threats and stalking; after he reportedly sent a barrage of messages, including 50 threatening ones, to his ex-wife.

The man informed the court that he wrote most of the messages at night, after the judge asked him how he managed to send so many messages – an average of about 190 a day – and keep his job at the same time.

The ex-wife, however, informed the court that she did not believe her former spouse would actually attack her.

The sentence was however suspended because after the ex-wife reported the matter to the Police, the man confessed and stopped harassing her. They both left the courthouse together.


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