Jungle Justice: Suspected Thief Burnt To Death After Being Caught Today In Lagos (Photo)

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A Nigerian man shared these horrific photos of a thief who was burnt alive today after he was caught in Lagos.

Despite efforts by Government Authorities to warn some citizens of delivering Jungle Justice to Local suspected criminals, it seems all that falls on deaf ears.

Felix Iheme, the man who shared the story wrote:
A thief man wey cum our area,, see am he don make am..robbery no good

Facebook users disagreed with the action of the mob as they said the thief would have been given a second chance or handed over to the police.

It’zCharles Joseph wrote ;

He should have be given a second Chance….. Pray make government no capture your face and look for you beta remove this post

Uchechukwu Praise wrote ;

That what happened, That you support those that took away someone created in the image of God?have God ever killed you for your sins before?

If God begins to punish us this way each time we sin,are we going to survive at all?I tell you everyone will be dead,but man can never be God,he is all merciful, some of you there, condemning him has done worst than he did😖,why is wickedness at the back of our mind, human being,you have just sent a living soul to hell,his blood will be on your heads,I drop my pen here,I’m speechless


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