Photo:- Fear Grips Residents As Earthquake Hits Oyo State

There was confusion and fear yesterday, as earth tremor hit the Oke-Ogun and Ibarapa areas of Oyo State.

The confusion which many had initially suspected to be a plane crash was later discovered to be earth tremor.

According to a resident of Okeho, identified as Mr. Joachim Olayiwola, who spoke with our Reporters, said:-

“It started around 11am with very bright lightning. What followed it was serious vibration, and everyone was running helter-skelter.

It was like houses were going to collapse. We had thought it was a plane crash. It was later that we discovered that it was earth tremor”

Another resident, Mrs Olayinka Raheem said, “My children fell on each other. I was shocked too.”

Areas where the lightning, accompanied with vibration were experienced included, Iseyin, Ado-awaye, Lanlate, Okeho towns, and some parts of Ibadan. All are in Oyo State. Ado-awaye was said to be the worst hit.

The incident caused pandemonium, as some students who were writing their Senior Secondary Certificate examination, hurriedly left the examination halls to go home.

A resident of Ibadan, Abubakar Olabisi said, “I also heard it in Ibadan here.”

At the moment, the magnitude of the damage likely to have been caused by the tremor in the affected areas cannot be ascertained.


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