“Only a cynic would not commend your act”; Corp Member to Ade Adeogun | Read his full text here

Oliver as people do call him, pens a commendation note to Hon Ade Adeogun. Read full Text below;

Hon. Ade Adeogun,

It is a great privilege and honour to write this piece of commendation to you sir. The news of your kind gesture has circulated through the nooks and cranny of Akoko land. That inspired my visit to your foundation (Ade Adeogun Foundation) where I was informed that the foundation acts as an intermediary between you and your people. This brought me to a logical conclusion that you are a philanthropist and must be accorded the well deserved honour

Part of my findings is that altruistically, you give unstintingly not because of your political aspirations but because it is an innate gift to restore hope to the seemingly hopeless and those in despair. I am also encouraged about how you empower youth around you to deploy their abilities in various strategic areas regarding your political ardency for equitable representation of your people at the national level.

It is our believe in *WOSA* that “nothing about us (youth), without us, is for us”, and that Youth are the solution, not the problem. Therefore with your involvement of youths in your daily activities, *we say preach on, we are ready to listen* Only a cynic would not not commend your act.

From all of us at *WOSA*, we say thank you sir.

Oliver C Bestman
WOSA Corps Member
Akoko South-West Local Govt.


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